Shipping Documents Necessary for Puerto Rico Shipping

The required documents needed for Puerto Rico shipping are a Bill of Lading, and a Shipper's Export Declaration. A Bill of Lading is a document signed by a carrier that is issued to the shipper confirming the receipt of goods to a specified designation. Its purpose is to be a receipt of the goods delivered to the carrier, and to have a description of the goods and a title document. The EIN, or Exporter's Employer ID Number, and the value of the cargo must be on the Bill of Lading.

A Shipper's Export Declaration, or SED, is a requirement from The Department of Commerce, Bureau of Census for Puerto Rico shipping. A separate SED is mandatory for each shipment with a value of $2,500 or more, and it is used for U.S. export statistics for export control purposes. The SED must also have an EIN that names the U.S. Principle Party in Interest (USPPI), which is typically the shipper.

The shipper must report the filing status of each shipment to the Census Bureau, and if the proper paperwork is not available, it will not be transported. The shipper or the consignor is responsible for filing the SED. Automated filing of the SED is possible through the Census Bureau at If a paper SED is used, it must go along with the shipment.

An ITN filing confirmation number must be included with the Bill of Lading if the SED is self filed. The ITN is a transaction reference number that the AES (Automated Export System) provides, which indicates if a shipment has been accepted.

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